Two Moscow ferret breeders founded Russian Ferret Centre in April 2002. This society was meant for all Russian-speaking ferret owners and breeders in all parts of the world, and also for people who intend to keep ferrets.

At that time true information about ferrets kept as pets didn't exist in the Russian language. We began to study information from Internet, articles, newsletters, and books in English. At the same time we studied Russian scientific publications about polecats, hybrids between polecats and ferrets, behavior of these animals, breeding and selection ferrets for fitch farms, etc. Also we gained experience in feeding, training and breeding and exchanged it with Russian and European breeders.

Now we have 5-years experience in ferrets. Now in Ferret Centre more than 700 members from different cities of Russia and from ex-USSR countries, also about 100 russian-speeking members from Israel, USA, Canada, West and East Europe etc. We are sure that the result of our activity is positive. We created a web site, which contains much useful information about all aspects of keeping ferrets, and really helps ferret owners. Today many of them know how to care for their pets correctly, and can give good advice to beginners.

Our ferret breeders, when they sell kits, always select the future owners thoroughly, tell them about negative aspects of keeping ferrets, consult about feeding, training, necessity of castration and vaccination and so on. In comparison with 2002, less people buy ferrets in fitch-farms and pet-markets; most of them look for competent breeders. Ferrets that were bred in Ferret Centre now live in many parts of Russia, and in some countries of Eastern Europe.

And in short, we don't go in for:

  • Organize ferret shows, because it's "not for ferrets, but for people only"
  • Popularize ferrets, because popularization brings more negative sides than positive ones;
  • Humanize ferrets, because it's "for people's fun". We try to understand the real necessities of ferret life and to cater to them

Founders of Russian Ferret Society

Ekaterina Melnik graduated from Moscow State University, Faculty of Soil Science (1998). Ferret breeder from 2001. Keeps 6 ferrets.

"Ferrets are terrific clever creatures. You can live many years side by side with them and to be sure that you know all about their behaviour and habits, but suddenly they are up to something, that you can't await. Sometimes they really catch napping..."

Dmitry Kalinin graduated from Moscow State University, Biological Faculty (1998). Ferret breeder from 2001. Has 6 ferrets.

"Above all interesting individuality of these animals. You can't find two ferrets with same characters. It's possible to maintain close non-verbal contact with them, like with a dog, but as distinct from a dog, ferret always know on which side one's bread is buttered!"

We would like to thank people, who make an important contribution to the work of Russian Ferret Society: Dr.Biol.Sc. Vjacheslav Rozhnov, Dr.Biol.Sc. Nathalie Ivanova, Dr.Biol.Sc. Alexey Borisenko, Dr.Biol.Sc. Igor Pavlinov, Alena Prokopchuk, Victoria Torgan, Dr.Biol.Sc. Eugeny Dunaev, Anna Morozova, Inga Spiridonova, Shelby Kimura and many others. Special thanks for breeder Julia Piskareva.


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