Ferret is a small, graceful musteline with extravagant exterior. He has great intelligence and, undoubtedly, it is distinctive animal. Ferret in the home as pet is uncommon in many part of World until now, including ex-USSR countries.

But when people begin to keep this pet, they already can't live without ferret. Long live with ferret changes the person for the better, gives new views on life, new pleasures and cares. True ferret owners have a peculiar world outlook.

Welcome to the site of the Russian Ferret Society. If you found us, you must surely be interested in ferrets, and ferrets in Russia too, we hope. Our society exists 5 years, and we love ferrets and strive to know about these animals as much as possible. We are always glad to communicate about ferrets and to exchange information and experience.

Our goals and fundamental position

  • To help ferret owners to take care of their pets and train them properly
  • To collect and spread scientific, veterinarian and practical information about ferrets
  • To consult and help ferret owners and breeders
  • To compile statistics about ferrets (for this purpose weve created and support Ferret Data Base)
  • To breed and distribute healthy and tame ferrets

We are an independent and informal society. We do not have formal membership, but every ferret owner or breeder who is devoted to ferrets, can make a contribution to our mission. Our society doesn't aim at commercial purpose. It is based on the enthusiasm of ferret owners and breeders who do their best to acquire knowledge about these animals, and on understanding of ferrets and just loving them.

About keeping ferrets in Russia

In our opinion, the main problem now is incompetence of majority of breeders. Many people who just started keeping ferrets want to breed them, which they are sure is very easy. As a result rickets has become increasingly common in the past 2 years with an increase in novice ferret breeders providing inadequate diets for pregnant and lactating jills and kits.

About 30% of owners feed their ferrets self-made diets, based on natural products (meat, eggs, by-products, rice, sometimes fish, supplements). About 58-59% of owners use premium kitten foods or premium ferret food. A few people (1-2%) feed ferrets with laboratory mice, rats or chickens. Unfortunately, about 10% give their ferrets unsuitable food such as cheap cat foods, dog foods, sausage, potatoes and other. We note, that we recommend feeding premium kitten food, because high-quality ferret food is practically unavailable in Russia.


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